Sunday, 15 March 2015

Life Goes On

© Clifford Smith 2014

Life goes on, you know.
I woke up early again today
so I got up, had a cup of tea,

sat by the window where I could see
the blue-tits round the feeder
pecking away

I always try to catch Thought For The Day
on Radio 2. It was a buddhist this time, nice man,
talking about the weather

Did a bit of tidying up in the kitchen
It gets so dirty! While I was at it I polished the kettle.
It looks like new

The house looks lovely you know. I got some
new sheets and pillow cases in the week.
So fresh and comfy

You would have liked it. You were always
on about getting new sheets.
Well, now I have.

Yes, life goes on all right without you
my love. It was hard at first I must admit,
but I got over it

And then I noticed something strange.
You were dead and gone all right
no doubt about that

But death can't take away my love
for you. And though I cannot hold you in my arms,
You're still safe inside my heart

where you always were. So nothing's changed,
really. And any world that gave someone like you to me
can't be all bad, can it?

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