Sunday, 6 August 2017



That night, I put away my belongings,
Unlocked the doors to my existence,
Carefully folded up the walls and roof of my life,
And carrying only a bundle of clothes
On my back, I set myself free.

My way lay over the far horizon
Every step a step into the unknown
Fired by wind and water and birdsong
And laughter, kind hearts and wisdom
Of those I passed among.

The landscape spread before me like an ocean
That I could take my voyage upon,
I climbed big waves like hills and mountains
Trod small ripples like rocks and stones
That nestled in pools of green and gold.

The land I travelled gave me of itself.
Rugged as the rocks and tall as the peaks,
With eagle's eye I saw my life
What passed for my life, furtive and dark
Hiding among my worldly cares.

And so I reached my final destination
Santiago, where the mythic saint washed up.
My staff I leant against a wall and with fine food
Good wine and celebrations I laid my head to rest.
But still the road sang to my heart
The song of lovers torn apart.